Statement from the Diocese of Lincoln in response to the reports regarding the Team Rector of Boston

25 January 2017

In response to media reports regarding the Team Rector of Boston, a spokesman for the Diocese of Lincoln said:

“Clearly the Team Rector of Boston was making a serious point when pointing to the fact that Boston had already received much negative media attention for some appalling social statistics. By quoting directly from reports from The Independent (23 January 2016) and the Policy Exchange (January 2016), the Rector was clearly emphasising the urgency of the task taken on by the Parish of Boston to help transform the town through a huge amount of good work actively to promote integration, as has been frequently evidenced in the press and on national television.

“The correspondence between HRH Princess Royal’s office and the Rector of Boston is private. However, there is a long association between the Princess Royal and Boston, and a good understanding of the issues facing the town and the parish is vitally important. By securing the patronage of the Princess Royal, the Rector has been able to continue the work already begun, and maintain the profile necessary to make this work a success for the benefit of Boston.”