Meet our Apprentices!

13 February 2017

In December, we advertised through Boston College for three heritage administration apprentices to join the Parish of Boston Team. We were pleased to receive 13 applicants and following an interview day, we were able to select three young people to join us. It is through our Heritage Lottery Funding that we have been able to finance these additional staff to support us during the development phase of the HLF ‘A Passion for People’ project. They will be working alongside the HLF and Fabric team by assisting with heritage cleaning, maintenance, welcoming our visitors, research, administration, social media and fundraising. This will enable them to achieve their Diplomas in Business Administration.

As Lorenzo, Hannah and Poppy settle in and you see them in St. Botolph’s, the Vicarage offices and at our events, please join us in giving them a warm welcome to our parish.

Poppy Thomas

poppy-thomas“My name is Poppy and I take every day as it comes. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that happiness, should never be taken for granted. My happiness involves loving my daughter, family and friends. This apprenticeship is having such a positive impact on my life,  providing the confidence boost I need, enable me to think more about what I can do with my future. The work I have done so far as involved preparing pew sheets, organising the services into the calendar and taking minutes at a meeting.  I have been working with a team that respects and supports each other, and it is a unique and valuable thing to come across.”



Hannah Thomas

hannah-johnson“I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks working for the Boston Stump. When I was looking for a job, this post instantly stood out. I’m extremely happy that I was offered a place working here; I do admin, fundraising research and receptionist work. One of my favourite things about working here is that it’s different every day, you never feel bored or like you have nothing to do. In my spare time, I like to spend hours looking after my horses, training them and my other animals. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I feel very grateful working with such an amazing team in a wonderful environment.”



Lorenzo Parla

lorenzo-parla“I have recently been lucky enough to have been chosen to work within the Parish as an apprentice. As soon as I saw the advertisement it instantly stood out, and it made me want to be part of such a friendly environment. I have worked with Trevor doing the maintenance side of the job as well as with Angie in the office creating spreadsheets such as inspection records. I am really looking forward to the future and being part of the team. In my spare time I always try to get out and socialize with my friends, play football or get myself down to the gym as that is what I enjoy doing most.”