The tower inspection by our church architect and structural engineer

31 May 2017

Picture2This week our church architect and our Structural Engineer climbed to all areas of the tower to see the extent of the conservation work required. Scaffolders also attended this meeting to assess the best way to design the complex structure that will be required for safe access of people and materials to the workface. The team looked at the very top of the tower where the oak beams are perished. The lead roof over the belfry was inspected together with the failing stonework on the west face of the tower. It is obvious from the photographs that they all really enjoyed the experience!Picture3


Eleanor McEvedy is our church architect and is working with us for the duration of the HLF project. Previous to this she has worked on many historical buildings. Eleanor gets along well with the team and has some exciting new ideas.
Bob Webster is the HLF team Structural Engineer. He also has a ‘wealth of experience with historic buildings.’ Says Angie Kisby project manager.
This is another step forward for the HLF project and we are confident the right people have been chosen for this difficult task.