Archaeologists visit St Botolph’s to discover what lies beneath!

10 November 2017

This month we were pleased to receive a faculty which authorised some investigation works to the church floors. Our caretaker, Trevor Baily worked hard to prepare areas in the church floor where access enabled us to see what lies below. We worked carefully with our Archaeologist to explore space below the Victorian pew platforms and tiled areas.

On the day a small amount of bone, some oyster shells and a unknown infill material was discovered. A sample of this material has been sent off for analysis to enable us to determine whether it has had a detrimental effect on the stone columns in the church and whether any special disposal methods will be required.  Our Archaeologist was able to see the top surface of an underground, brick-vaulted burial crypt and thought it likely that there are a number of them below the nave.

Fortunately, it would seem that they are likely to be located below the level where excavations will take place during the proposed new flooring works. We can report about the investigation works going on in pre-per action for the forthcoming faculty application to the Diocesan Advisory Committee.