Introducing our Associate Priest, Revd Margaret Brewster

30 September 2018

A number of you have known me for eleven years now since Chas and I retired here in Boston and as most of you are aware Chas died last December.

I was born and brought up in Hartlepool where the first bomb of WWI was dropped; where Hild, known to us as St Hilda founded her second monastery and the church that stands there now is where I was confirmed by the then Bishop of Durham, Michael Ramsey.

My first job was with the Co-op. Insurance Society as a shorthand typist. Then on to London where I worked as a Secretary for the Royal National Mission for Deep Sea Fishermen. I enjoyed London and living in a Community in the Lady Margaret Hall Settlement.  Then following an inner calling, through United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. I went to Malawi and worked as Secretary to the Bishop of Southern Malawi.   After nearly 6 years I moved back to London and worked as a Secretary for the British Council of Churches.  Over the 22 years I worked there it changed its name 3 times and I had 3 different jobs.  When I retired I was Assistant to the General Secretary of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland; our work involved working with the many denominations through their Councils of Churches in the UK and overseas.  During that period I became a Franciscan Tertiary and am Area Novice Guardian for Lincolnshire which involves having a conversation with those initially enquiring about the Third Order of the Society of St Francis.

Continuing to follow my inner callings in 1992 and supported by my parish I was accepted for training for Ordination.  I studied part-time on the Southwark Ordination Course and in 1994 was ordained priest in Southwark Cathedral serving in my local parish of St Matthew as an NSM where I met Chas.  In 1995 and due to another inner calling we married, retired at 60 and accepted a House for Duty post in Dunstable in an Anglican/URC parish.   After nearly 4 years we retired again and moved to Boston to settle down.  Both Chas and I have been very happy here, being involved in the Parish and enjoying the countryside.  I remain thankful for the love and friendship I continue to receive.

Pax et Bonum (Peace and all good)   —   The greeting St Francis gave to each Passerby he met when walking along the streets of Assisi.

Revd Margaret