Introducing our new Evangelism Officer, Simon Connolly

05 October 2018

What is the fruit of the mango tree? You may be thinking, as I was, “mangos”, but what if we look deeper? The Most Revd Moon Hing stated at the 2018 General Synod, it is actually a whole plantation of mango trees. My role as Evangelism Coordinator is anticipated to embrace the spirit of intentional ministry as described during this General Synod address. Evangelism and growth are most likely to happen when we define a role and space intentionally, we may then journey deeper.

I am currently a second-year student at Lincoln School of Theology. My placement, during my studies earlier this year, was with the Parish of Boston. It was during this time that God made it clear that my ministry and worship should be based with you, and therefore I am now getting to know a whole new group of brothers and sisters in Christ, as I visit each of our churches.

Personally, I am blessed with a wonderful wife, Laura, and two teenage sons. I am currently balancing my studies with helping to maintain our family embroidery business. Through our family experience of church life, it has grown to be a passion that we find more ways to share the Gospel, welcoming and embracing the diverse community around us.

All ministries are founded and energised by prayer, I would like to share this prayer that I am using to build the foundations for our intentional Evangelism.

Lord, invigorate us through your Spirit to seize this day,
living with the faith that there is nothing beyond your reach,
no people that cannot follow you,
no chains that cannot be broken.
Ignite us with a flame that burns bright,
bringing hope, love and light in all of our activity.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,