God Bites: Resilient Disciple

06 March 2019

On 28th February we were joined by the Archdeacon of Boston, The Venerable Dr Justine Allain Chapman to talk about her book “The Resilient Disciple”. The archdeacon talked about her interest in the subject of resilience – her first book on this subject, published in 2012 was entitled “Resilient pastors: the role of adversity in healing and growth”.

The latest book gives a series of daily reflections for Lent, and will form the basis of our parish lent course which takes place on Saturday mornings, commencing 9th March. Justine talked to us about the themes for each of the weeks of Lent:

  • Follow – we follow Jesus into the wilderness and remain with him for 40 days and 40 nights, reflecting on the “desert” times in our lives where we have faced adversity
  • Flourish – living fully and deeply as a human being includes the experience of pain and suffering; coping and rebuilding
  • Falling – the presence of God in the darkest valleys of human life
  • Faithful – Growing in resilience and maturity
  • Fruitful – adversity changes us; we cannot go back to how we were before
  • Fulfil – Jesus is the pattern for us on the journey of resilience, in him we see the perfect example of facing adversity

We enjoyed a good discussion about how adversity impacts our lives, and what makes us resilient.

The next God-Bites session will take place on Wednesday 14th March when Trevor Porter from the Salvation Army will be talking about their work with human trafficking and modern slavery.