God-Bites: Faith & Politics

28 May 2019

On 23rd May we were joined by the Reverend Dr Sally Myers, principal of the Lincoln School of Theology.

Sally gave a talk which covered the Old Testament scriptures depicting rulers as chosen and appointed by God, through to St Paul’s views on the law and justice, spoken to communities facing particular problems at that time. Sally also spoke about the gospel teachings of Jesus and social justice. We touched on the fact that the Bible can be used to make opposing arguments; that the Anglican approach was brought in by Hooker, and involved using tradition and reason, as well as scripture when considering our response as Christians to a particular issue. We also use our own experience of God and of life when we discern what is just.

We had a good and wide-ranging discussion, touching particularly on the things we can do if we are not able to be actively involved in social action or initiatives such as Foodbank and homeless breakfasts.

The next God-Bites session will take place on Thursday 27th June when we will be joined by the Reverend Jane Robertson, Assistant Curate here in the Parish of Boston who will be talking about “Do Animals go to Heaven”.