God-Bites: Do Animals go to Heaven?

03 July 2019

On 27th June Reverend Jane Robertson, our Associate Rector, led a session entitled “Do Animal go to Heaven?.

Jane has been undertaking research into the spirituality and theology of animals and gave us a really good summary of her work, which has clearly been extensive, as she nearing completion of her Masters degree.

Jane talked about how she became interested in the spirituality of animals, through her relationship and observations of a horse she cared for. She went on to talk about the writers and theologians who have considered the subject, and how ideas and theology are developing in the 21st century. Jane talked about creation, how animals are depicted in scripture and the relationship of animals to God.

We had an interesting discussion which covered aspects such as the Rainbow Bridge reading/poem familiar to many animal lovers, what animals think and feel and how they relate to God, and what heaven might be like.

The next God-Bites session will take place on Thursday 25th July when we will be joined by Bishop Robert Gillion, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Lincoln and Interim Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of St John the Baptist Spalding.