Volunteer Afternoon Tea

31 October 2019

On Monday 28th October we said a big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers by holding one of our quarterly Afternoon Teas. The Parish of Boston could not continue to function as it does without the valuable work our teams of volunteers do every day. Without their hard work and dedication to their roles, St Botolph’s wouldn’t be able to open every day, nor hold would we be able to hold the magnificent activity and events in the Parish that we are known for.

Every quarter the Ministry Team & Staff of the parish host an Afternoon Tea open to all those who volunteer in whatever way in our Parish life. We spend time serving our volunteers who have given their valuable time up to serve the Parish.

Our Afternoon Teas also allow our volunteers to socialise with each other, often with those that they wouldn’t ordinarily see when on their duty shifts. It is a time for us to all come together and reflect on the great work being done in the Parish to serve our community.