Message from Revd Alyson Buxton, Team Rector

07 January 2021

Dear Friends,

The Ministry and Operations Team had decided on Monday that we would try to maintain our public Sunday service offering with Zoom, all within COVID safety Tier 4 protocols. Then we all attended the Community briefing on Tuesday evening which was stark in terms of potential health possibilities. On Wednesday we met and decided that we needed at all costs to be safe for volunteers, members of the community, congregation (and ourselves) as well as to protect the workers in the Pilgrim Hospital. This made the Ministry, Operations Teams, Churchwardens and PCC reluctantly and with great feelings of loss and guilt decide to ask the permission of the Bishop to suspend public worship until the 14th of February. We do not know if this is the right or wrong decision – but we do know this is the safest. We also plan to close for private prayer, however, if any of you wish to access the Church for some quiet, private and contemplative time please do contact us so this can be arranged.

On your behalf we will continue to Zoom the services from inside St Botolph’s. My hope and prayer is that we will get an Easter this year – and if we do – it will definitely be a humdinger!


Revd Alyson Buxton
Team Rector, The Parish of Boston