friends4St Botolph’s Church, popularly known as Boston Stump is one of only eighteen in the country to win Simon Jenkins’ 5-star rating, and was described by Pevsner as ‘a giant among English Parish churches’. Its magnificent tower has been a landmark to travellers on land and sea for generations, and is a symbol of local identity and pride for the town and region. Begun in 1309, the current building was completed in 1390, with the tower being added later and completed in the early sixteenth century.The Stump is a heritage site of national and international significance, not just because of its magnificent architecture, but because of its close association with the turbulent history of the English church and indeed the world. Its close association with the Puritan exodus to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and cit of Boston founded there is just one example.

friends5But the Stump is more than just a historical artefact – it is a living church offering daily prayer and worship to God, and hospitality, hope and solace to people from around the town, country and the world.
The Friends of St Botolph’s aims to bring together in common fellowship all those who care for this church, helping to preserve, maintain and repair the fabric, and supporting its work. For example, we have recentl
y made a sizeable purchase of new music for the Choir, we installed the inductin loop for the hard of hearing, and we hope to help fund a replacement for the church’s sound system. Our funds are used exclusively to help the church. We invite all those who love this church to join us in our work.


The Restoration Trust, together with the Friends of Boston Parish Church, make up the recently launched Guild of St Botolph’s. To find out more about membership to the Guild, please see here.