Revd Alyson Buxton

Team Rector

Revd Steve Holt

Associate Rector

Revd Jane Robertson

Assistant Curate

Revd Sue Rose

Assistant Curate

Chris Ladner

Lay Reader / Governance Officer

Sue Kirk MBE

Church Warden

Bob Tamberlin

Church Warden

Tracey Scoot

Church Warden / Safeguarding Officer

Trevor Baily

Caretaker / Church Warden

Adam Kelk

Head Verger / PCC Secretary

George Ford

Director of Music

Angie Kisby

Fabric Manager / HLF Project Manager

Polly Tamberlin

Housekeeper / Matron to the Volunteers

Will Culley

Resources Manager

Poppy Thomas

Heritage Apprentice

Karen Lawson

Tour Manager

Mick Smith

Tower Captain