The Parish of Boston is constructing the iconic Boston Stump from Lego® bricks.

A dedicated team of volunteers are constructing the 100,000-piece model, while members of the public sponsor bricks in order to raise money for the church’s education and community outreach efforts. The model has been designed by Bright Bricks ltd and follows projects to construct models of Chester and Exeter Cathedrals, and the recently completed model of Durham Cathedral

The project is expected to take around three years to complete. The model will eventually be 2m high, 1.8m long and 0.8m wide. To sponsor the bricks, visit our Gift Shop to receive your certificate and then go and place your brick! If you are unable to visit St Botolph’s, payment can be made either by telephone (01205) 310929 via cheque, payable to Central Bank of St Botolph’s, or via the website [simply state how many bricks you are sponsoring in the ‘Make it Personal’ section].

Are you a Lego Master? Why not come along and help by volunteering on our Big Lego Build! Contact or call (01205) 310929 to find out more.