Lego Project Progress Update

04 May 2018

Since the start of the project, we have been delighted by the number of visitors coming to St Botolph’s to help build St Botolph’s from Lego. The project started August 2016  and saw the Princess Royal visit in December 2016 to place the newly built boiler house onto the model. Through very generous large donations from members of the community, including some deciding to ask for donations rather than gifts for celebrations in their lives, we have seen great progress.

Currently, our total is 23,922 bricks

We have a fantastic number of dedicated Lego Building Volunteers who sit with the model every day enabling people to place the bricks they sponsor from the Gift Shop. It is just £1.00 to sponsor a brick. If you have a celebration coming up and would like to help towards the project, please get in contact with Adam who will be able to organise for a specific piece to be reserved. As we progress on through the project we will ensure to keep you up to date on our website and facebook ( ).