Lego Update

29 October 2019

Since the first bricks were laid the St Botolph’s Big Lego Build has grown enormously. Through very generous donations from members of the community of Boston and our visitors from all over the world, we have now built over 43,000 bricks of the 100,000 pieces required! We have seen visitors from as far away as Australia and America add bricks to our model.

We have been very fortunate with members of the community also requesting that at special times of the lives donations in lieu of gifts go towards our Big Build. Some members of the community have also requested to have special ‘pieces’ of the model church in memory or to celebrate something special to them.

For just a £1.00 donation you can add a brick to our St Botolph’s Lego model. You will receive a small certificate to show your contribution to our model, something to take away with you!

If you would like to contribute towards building our Lego model of St Botolph’s you can do so through our website, visiting our Gift Shop or via Why not sponsor a larger piece of the Church in memory or celebration of someone or something? To do so, all you need to do is contact the Parish Office via (01205) 310929 or email